Enerwise The Importance of Enerwise Monitoring System

The solar system can operate for more than 20 years, we must minimize down time, maintain productivity, and monitor all aspects in real-time.
Suppliers on market only provide the original inverter’s reading, that shows power generation without any data on operational efficiency, nor can proactively signal alarm. The Enerwise system displays not only power generation, but also inverter’s temperature, indoor and outdoor temperatures, independent meter readings, and most important the performance ratio of each solar panel array and the whole system.
Performance ratio is the amount of electricity that should be generated under solar radiation and temperature etc conditions. It is shown in percentage, in which we monitor the operation status and efficiency through this ratio change. When a problem occurs, the Service Centre receives e-mail and SMS immediately, analyzes monitoring report, identifies the problem right away and sends out team to follow up when needed.